The leading supplier of packaged ice and bundled firewood in the tri-state area.

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We offer a range of products and services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a DSD delivery or trailer loads, we have you covered. 

Nuzzolese Bros. Ice is the tri-states largest supplier of packaged ice and one of the oldest family-owned ice companies in the nation! Our ice is produced with Bottle Quality water and we have been servicing the tri-state area for four generations. The long and rich history of Nuzzolese Bros. Ice has allowed us to earn the respect of all our customers. We like to take a proactive approach when it comes to keeping our customers full. We call you during the week for next day service but of course our call center is always ready for call-in orders. We are open 365 days a year, supplying ice to ALL of Long Island, ALL Five Boroughs, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.

     We make it a personal matter that all of our customers are satisfied and are NEVER out of ice! Our crystal clear ice is independently tested as the final product and is date coded on each bag for your safety. We are also part of the International Packaged Ice Association, which sets strict standards for ice manufacturing, storage, and distribution. Not all ice is the same!

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Convenience Stores
Drug Stores
Catering Halls
Liquor Stores
Concrete Companies
Private Labels
On-site Events
And Much More!!

Coverage area

We cover ALL of Long Island, ALL 5 Boroughs, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. We also have 8 distributors that help cover our area for the best service available. For areas outside of our coverage area we have co-packing agreements for service.