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Q: How long will an Ice Luge last?

A: Generally, an Ice Luge could last for approximately 6 to 8 hours, but it depends on different variables such as whether it is an indoor/outdoor event, temperature, and whether it is in direct sunlight.

Q: What is dry ice?

A: Dry Ice is simply frozen carbon dioxide. Unlike regular wet ice that melts into water, dry ice will turn into a gas. Dry ice will keep items frozen, whereas wet ice will only keep the items chilled. Dry ice can not only be used to keep items frozen, it can also be used for special effects

Q: How long will Dry Ice last?

A: Dry ice will evaporate at about one pound per hour when left completely in the open.

Q: What things should I look for when buying a quality bag of packaged ice?


  • The packages of ice must carry the IPIA logo 

  • The ice must be clear in color, as well as odorless, and tasteless
  • The bag must be properly closed and secure (no drawstring ties)
  • The bag must have the manufacturer's name, address, and phone number
  • ​The bag must be free of any foreign objects
  • ​The bag must have a product code

Q: What's the difference between my refrigerator ice and Nuzzolese Bros. Ice?

A: Nuzzolese Bros. Ice is made with bottle quality water whereas your refrigerator ice is made directly from the tap. Average refrigerator ice carries a cloudy appearance and may have a foul aftertaste. Nuzzolese Bros. ice cubes are crystal clear and have no aftertaste. You can test this yourself by leaving a few ice cubes in a glass to melt. When they melt, taste the water and compare it to that of Nuzzolese Bros. Ice; the difference is clear!

Q: What is the IPIA?

A: The International Packaged Ice Association's mission is for its members to provide the retailer and consumer with a safe, high-quality, consumable food product. IPIA members recognize that ICE IS FOOD and should meet mandatory safe packaged ice accreditation standards. Remember to look for the IPIA logo on your ice products.